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Streamline Your Business

DTI Management pioneered the first true end-to-end consignment platform in the industry, bringing sellers of all sizes a hands off solution that eliminates the complexities and costs of the back office and allows sellers to do what they do best, price and sell inventory. Coupled with advantageous fees, payment terms and robust reporting, DTI is a proven solution to grow your business.

Round the Clock Customer Support

Your business never takes a day off so neither do we. DTI’s dedicated staff of over 100 full time customer service specialists manage your inventory 365 days a year, monitoring mapping, disclosures, download delays and the increasingly complex list of sales and fulfillment needs on your behalf.


Through our Distribution+ initiatives, DTI sellers get unmatched exposure for their inventory. Beyond the largest global exchanges, including StubHub, Seatgeek, Ticketmaster and Vivid, DTI’s exclusive network of affiliates and partners outside of the ticketing industry gets your inventory in front of over 50 million new buyers, ranging from corporate perks to travel agents to closed network groups like Sam’s Club and AAA.

Marketplace Support

One of the most time consuming elements of the sales process is troubleshooting issues with the marketplaces themselves. No matter the time of day, our team will advocate on your behalf, tackling denied entries, cancelled orders and failed transfers so you don’t have to.

Minimizing Overhead

Our back office is your back office. As your business grows, so does your overhead. With DTI, you can scale on demand, eliminating support staff and facility costs while taking advantage of competitive fees, intelligent pricing tools and more.

Pricing Intelligence

As a DTI client, you receive member only pricing and dedicated support to the most advanced pricing intelligence tool on the market, created by longtime industry veteran Levi.

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