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1Ticket was the first to bring wide scale automation services to market in 2010, and remains the recognized leader in order processing and fulfillment solutions, trusted by thousands of sellers and partners across the live event community. As a 1Ticket member, you become part of the larger Victory Live family of services and earn exclusive discounts across our offerings.

Support for Every Major POS

Beyond the DTI Management platform, 1Ticket is fully integrated with every major point of sale platform, including:

  • SkyBox
  • Tradedesk
  • Ticket Utils
  • POSNext
  • TicketVault

Marketplace Integrations

With support for 500 primary marketplaces big and small, you will never have to create a purchase order again. Simply checkout and, moments later, the inventory is in your POS of choice.

Streamlined Order Processing & Fulfillment

1Ticket simplifies ticket management by automatically monitoring incoming purchase receipts, whether from Ticketmaster or non-Ticketmaster locations. The service instantly imports orders and PDF files into your 1Ticket account for effortless tracking, reducing the manual effort required for ticket administration. As inventory sells, 1Ticket offers services to automatically fulfill orders, transferring the tickets to the marketplace and closing the order. It’s a system engineered to be fast, efficient and functional.

Pricing Intelligence

As a 1Ticket client, you receive member only pricing and dedicated support for the most advanced pricing intelligence tool on the market, created by longtime industry veteran Levi Wiederstein it boasts custom event mapping, advanced notification features, customizable grids, audit logging and much more.

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